The IMON project incorporates a distinctive staking mechanism that requires users to own IMON NFTs, creating a unique interplay between NFT ownership and staking benefits:

  1. NFT Ownership for Staking: Only IMON NFT holders are eligible to stake, integrating NFT ownership with investment opportunities.

  2. Rewards for NFT Stakers: Staking IMON NFTs yields rewards, potentially enhancing the NFTs' overall value.

  3. Governance Involvement: NFT-based staking grants users a say in key project decisions, fostering a democratic ecosystem.

  4. Value Appreciation of NFTs: The staking process can increase the market value of the NFTs, benefiting holders.

  5. Community Engagement and Growth: This approach encourages active participation, deepening users' engagement and commitment to the IMON project.

Envisioning the future, this staking model aims to elevate the significance of IMON NFTs within the blockchain space, potentially transforming them into highly sought-after assets that offer both artistic and financial value.

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