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IMON Intelligent Monsters

Intelligent Monsters
I-mon combines machine learning with blockchain, creates added value for all users, I-Mons are fully onchain NFTs, powered by the ERC1155, ERC20, ERC2917 standards. The contracts also implement the EIP-2535 Diamonds standard, which allows for modular upgradeability.
AI meets with blockchain

How does it work?

  • All NFTs on our platform represent people well known in the blockchain space.
  • These NFTs are linked to the twitter account of the person they represent.
  • As these people tweet from their twitter account, NFT owners connected to that account have the right to upgrade their NFT by using this tweet. Each tweet is used for only one upgrade.
  • Machine learning capacity increases as NFTs are upgraded. At the same time, this development allows NFT to take a larger share of the stake pool. For this reason, users earn as they socialize, and their learning capacity increases as they earn. This development allows users to earn more.
  • The development level of NFTs is limited by their learning capacity, that is, endless. The main factor that enables the development of NFTs is the tweets of the influencer representing that NFT. In this way, the more social the influencer is, the more social the NFT owners are. The main factor for the development of NFT is social interaction!
Our motto is “Socialize&Earn, Earn&Learn”