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Liquidity Generation Event

IMON Liquidity Generation Event

Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

A Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) is an innovative initial token distribution mechanism enabling a free and fair participation process with no pre-sales, private sales.
Liquidity Generation Event is a fair launch event designed to reward every participant equally. In this event, IMON (Intelligent Monsters) will utilize a smart contract that accepts only MATIC(Polygon), and users can contribute to the launch contract using the tokens.
After the completion of a 14 day deposit period, the MATIC collected will be paired with 90% of the supply of IMON tokens to create the first IMON pool.
IMON DIAMOD Smart Contract 0x6f027c2ee898c12f7a00e7ce5d06ed9f329e314e
IMON TOKEN Smart Contract 0x9631be8566fC71d91970b10AcfdEe29F21Da6C27

How to Participate

Users can join the LGE pool with $MATIC(Polygon) coin. The total $MATIC coins collected in the pool till 03–07–2022 00:01:12 are divided by the price(0.0001 $MATIC), and the amount of $IMON tokens earned for each $MATIC coin is calculated and distributed to the users. The same amount of $IMON coins is added to the liquidity along with the $MATIC coins collected in the pool.


User 1, join the LGE event with 1 $MATIC user 10000.0 $IMON earns;
$MATIC1/$0.0001= 10000.0 IMON tokens.
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